What Is Biomagnetism?

Naturally Balance Your pH and Your Health – Biomagnetism

Biomagnetism therapy helps bring your body back into balance by regulating pH levels, allowing younaturally balance Biomagnetism to feel better physically and mentally. This noninvasive therapy is an  alternative to traditional medicine and other alternative therapies.

A completely natural approach to wellness, biomagnetism therapy is painless, has no side effects and is compatible with conventional and alternative treatments, plus its benefits are preventative as well.

Background of Biomagnetism Therapy

body polarities - Biomagnetism used to naturally balance the magnetism of the body

This innovative approach to wellness is built on decades of careful study. Biomagnetism therapy began in 1988, when Dr. Goiz discovered that it is possible to recover healthy metabolic status by targeting biomagnetic fields.

Over the course of more than 25 years, ¬†laborious research by Dr. Goiz, colleagues and practitioners has identified over 300 biomagnetic pairs (BMP) throughout the body. The chemical balance of each part of our body is different from another part. By identifying BMP’s, it is possible to affect only the areas where there is pH imbalance.

How Biomagnetism Therapy Works

Treatment by a trained and certified practitioner involves placing high-intensity magnets on targeted areas of your body that have a pH imbalance.

Chemical balance is essential to good health. Good pH balance is just the right ratio of alkalinity to acidity. When we are out of balance, we are susceptible to disease and inflammation.

Both too much acidity and too much alkalinity create environments in which pathogens thrive and each are associated with specific ailments. When we are hyper-acidic, for example, we are prone to stiffness and lack of flexibility. And with hyper-alkalinity, the results are pain and inflammation.

Biomagnetism therapy brings extreme pH levels into balance. The bipolarized magnets depolarize biomagnetic pairs and thus neutralize chemical balance, re-establishing optimal chemical balance. When a neutral pH is maintained, the environment is inhospitable to pathogens, so you re-establish your health.

Identifying pH Imbalance

The practice of biomagnetism involves a scan to detect pH imbalances. This is done through kinesiological testing whereby a trained practitioner methodically scans your body to identify internal imbalances by sensitive observation of your muscle reactivity.

High-intensity magnets are positioned on biomagnetic pairs that have chemical imbalance. Magnets with positive and negative polarity (south/north) are placed in precise areas of the body. This brings the BMP back into balance and restores optimal pH levels. By maintaining adequate pH, homeostasis can be regained.

Biomagnetism Therapy Results

This revolutionary and completely natural approach is changing our understanding of human health. To date, biomagnetic pairs have been identified that cover glandular dysfunctions, viral and bacterial infections, many complex diseases, syndromes and illnesses, such as cancer and HIV.

Dr. Goiz has successfully treated more that 250,000 patients with biomagnetism therapy and has trained more than 5,000 health practitioners around the world. Because of Dr. Goiz’s outstanding contribution to this ground-breaking field of human health, he was awarded a Ph.D. in Bioenergetic Medicine by Oxford International University. Biomagnetism therapy is a simple, effective way to re-establish optimal chemical balance and support good health.