Naturally Balance Your pH and Your Health – Biomagnetism

After 12+ years on antibiotics, my acupuncturist suggested I try a new technique she had been trained on called ‘Biomagnetic Pair’ therapy.

I had been open to all types of alternative therapies in addition to the standard medical treatment. The Biomagnetic sessions are non-invasive so I figured, what the heck! I’m so glad I did. I had a reaction after the first session similar to what I’d have from a new antibiotic (called a Herx reaction).

I had regular sessions with her, initially 1-2 weeks, now more like 4-6 weeks. My Lyme was very persistent. It was a year and a half before I was clear, but the tests showed consistent improvement through that time.

By last November (a year ago), the Lyme was clear. At this point, I’m working with Christine to clear some of the side effects from so many years with Lyme and on antibiotics. I’m doing extremely well.

– Lorie

The Biomagnetism treatment has really help get rid of a lot of Lyme symptoms I had before. My thyroid functionality is almost back to normal state after being told repeatedly that I would need to continue on medication for the rest of my life by other doctors. I have more energy and the brain fog has lessen. I’m on my way to a certain recovery and happy to say that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

– Mario

When I started to go to Lisa 3 month ago I was dealing with some serious health issues the main one being massive allergies. I had been very sick for a year and a half and was searching for what could be my next step to my full recovery. I was lucky to find out about  Biomagnetism and then find Lisa. She has helped me tremendously and after only 5 sessions my health  has completely turned around. I still can’t really wrap my head around this amazing protocol but it sure went beyond what I expected. After every session I experienced different symptoms that went from my skin breaking up to lung issues…My energy is back, my allergies are gone, I can finally have a restful sleep for the first time in almost 2 years.


I have had issues with my blood (anemia). … Sometimes my complexion looked jaundice…even my eyes looked yellow.  After two Biomagnetic sessions I feel like I have my life back.  No more exhaustion, my dark circles are gone, my eyes are bright…I believe that this therapy has helped me all around in more ways than I know.


I experienced more energy and clarity and a decrease in the on-going headaches…less inflammation in my joints and better movement in my knees and fingers. I feel that these treatments have helped me tremendously. Thank you Lisa for bringing this healing to us.


… I have received two of the Biomagnetic treatments from Christine...the treatment itself was so very relaxing to my body and my nervous system.  I was unusually relaxed!…I had two small block glands that totally disappeared after the first treatment! The treatments seem to trigger a healing for me at least that goes on long after the actual treatment. Thanks so much Christine…this has been a great gift from you!


I’ve recently discovered an amazing new treatment called biomagnetism that has increased my energy, cleared brain fog, and increased my feeling of well-being. I’ve received two treatments so far and with the first treatment I surprised myself with how much energy I had when I got home. Fibromyalgia has kept me from doing more than just working to make a living but with these treatments I’ve been able to begin to clear the clutter in my home and my life. It’s amazing to me to watch myself. Things that were so hard to do before are easier. When I had my blood work done last week, my inflammation numbers were all back down to normal. The doctor said whatever I was doing to keep it up and I didn’t need to see him again unless there are other symptoms. What I noticed after the last treatment was how much I was detoxing. I’ve experienced many other alternative treatments before so I’m aware of how detox can affect the body. Each time I had a symptom,I drank more water to flush my system of the toxins. Lisa had recommended extra water and probiotics, which I did at each symptom. Like magic, the pain disappeared in an hour or so. I even experienced light asthma, which I haven’t had in years, and drank more water and remembered another probiotic and in a half hour my breathing was normal. I’m excited to continue working with Lisa and consider this treatment to be one of the keepers in my life.


When I first heard about magnet therapy I was skeptical…My wife went to Christine Klein…and she actually looked better!  …Over the next few days her energy level and attitude had improved to such an extent that I decided to try the magnets myself. After a long session with the magnets I had a bit of a headache (which Christine assured me was normal)…I began to feel better and a few chronic aches and pains were gone or much improved!  After two weeks I am still enjoying the benefits. I feel lighter and seem to have more energy. I also would like praise Christine for her gentle and nurturing approach.

-Jeff and Jenny

My 2 sessions receiving the biomagnetism from Lisa were profound…feeling quite energized, clear, and balanced. I have been wrestling with re balancing my lymphatic and digestive systems for many years, while correcting a long term condition of intestinal candida. I would recommend at least two or three sessions for transformative results. I feel the most clear I have felt in years!


I saw Lisa Shiga for a variety of health issues but mainly Candida and other microbes as well as CNS dysregulation and food sensitivities.  After some detoxing which occurred after the first few sessions, I began to feel significantly stronger and healthier with less food reactions.  I have a sensitive delicate system (could not even tolerate acupuncture — though now I can), and was initially wary but quickly discovered that this system did not activate my sensitivities.  It actually calmed my system down and strengthened it.  Lisa is very good at this method, and it’s quite amazing how many issues she can test and treat for with Biomagnetism from hormonal imbalances to various organ imbalances.  Many of the symptoms/issues are ones that traditional medical practitioners have been unsuccessful at remedying.


I am still working on several issues with Biomagnetism. But I do have more energy than I had before. Before, even if I slept 8-10 hours, I would wake up feeling very fatigued. Now I am waking up, feeling rested and with more energy. I feel like being active right away instead of waiting 2 or 3 hours to wake up.


Because of increasing stress in my life, my digestive system suffered immensely and I was looking for help trying an array of different alternative therapies until Christine introduced me to Biomagnetism.  Immediately I felt more relaxed and my digestive issues settled to some extent and then kept improving over several more treatments.  Christine was able to help me with candida and irritable bowel symptoms.   I felt wonderfully relaxed and rejuvenated after every treatment.  In my twenties I had lived in South America and had been exposed to bacteria and viruses that I still carried.  Biomagnetism improved many of the symptoms I had.  I am very grateful to have experienced Bio-magnetism and benefited greatly.


Christine has a marvelous, caring presence and a wonderful knowledge of biomagnetism, with a demonstrated eagerness, to learn even more.  In spite of her expertise, she has a beginner’s mind — something always wonderful to find in a healer of any kind.

Through her ministrations, I have been experiencing unexpected, significant healing shifts with my systemic scleroderma, a chronic disease which has had many terrible effects on me for at least 15 years. I unreservedly recommend Christine to any and all who are physically struggling.


I was living abroad in Asia for a year and in that time I had lost about 20lbs., was experiencing severe digestive problems, recurring fevers, and constant fatigue. In this year, I had been to many doctors, who either recurrently prescribed antibiotics or various prescriptions to address my many symptoms- that ranged from body aches, nausea, and rashes to severe digestive problems, fever, and fatigue- or simply wrote them off. When I returned I was excited to find this non-toxic treatment that addressed and paid special attention to both my severe and accessory symptoms. After several treatments, essentially covered in magnets, I was finally reducing my number of pairs by a great deal, and by my 5th session of Bio-magnetism I had slowly regained my Health- my body stopped aching, I regained my appetite, my digestion made an incredible recovery, and all of my inexplainable ‘mystery’ symptoms had gone away. I had a total of 6 sessions. It wasn’t till after this that I realized how sick I was before, and moreover how variations of my symptoms had even began years ago when I first traveled extensively throughout Latin America, and how these had been reoccurring every so often and taking a toll on my overall health. I would recommend this treatment to others who have traveled out of the country and wanting to recalibrate their immune system, clear out toxins and recurring health issues, and simply regain their health 


I strongly recommend Lisa Shiga’s Biomagnetic Therapy services…. I have received a Biomagnetism session from Lisa and it helped me significantly improve my health. After my trip to Africa in March 2011 I have been suffering from abdominal discomfort likely caused by an infection. My problems have not been helped by conventional medicine. Lisa was able to diagnose and help me eradicate a great deal of symptoms. She was very accurate and precise in her diagnosis, patient and caring. After my fist session I experienced a “healing crisis” for about 3 days. My symptoms increased and I needed to rest and hydrate. As a therapist familiar with these kind of reactions to healing treatments, I knew this was a sign that Biomagnetic therapy was effective! After several days my symptoms disappeared and since then I have been feeling great. I am very grateful to Lisa and her professional excellence for helping me feel and function so much better.
With many years of experience as a therapist Lisa is a great asset to Sonoma’s community and I believe that patients suffering from digestive, respiratory or other infection-related conditions should consider consulting her.